Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Centers

This week, we are learning about pumpkins. We had lots of new activities to try out.
Yong Suk is matching numbers of pumpkins to the right basket with the same number.

This was definitely our favorite center. We got to use our fine motor skills to hammer nails into a pumpkin. We could hammer them in and we learned to take them out with the hammer by rocking the hammer like a lever.

We also enjoyed scooping sparkly jewels into pumpkin containers.

Sophia matched all the colored pumpkin puzzles!
We had some more writing practice. This time it was pumpkin themed.

We are starting to branch out from the dress up and block center. Though they are both our favorite activities, we are starting to find out that Mrs. Jennifer's drawers are really not that bad to play with. :)

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