Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Art

On our first day of pumpkins, we made pumpkin hats. We had to glue strips of paper onto a sentence strip. We had to line the orange strips up to a certain line. This was a hard skill for some us to master but we persevered.

We look pretty snazzy in our pumpkin hats!

Mrs. Jennifer saw an activity on a website of how to make your own paint swatters. The kids had fun with them even though, they didn't quite work as planned. We had hoped to see more pumpkin shapes with our swatters but the kids just enjoyed swatting the paper with the paint.

We painted pumpkins one day but in order to make orange paint for the pumpkins, we had to mix our own paint first. We learned that red and yellow paint makes orange paint when you mix it all together.

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