Thursday, May 27, 2010

SEW lives on

We have loved the SEW worship song cd and dance to the music almost everyday. Even Shelby Grace and Esther get in on the fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dinosaur Teeth and Feet

We worked hard making our own dinosaur teeth that we turned into a necklaces. We had to form the teeth with our hands and then poke a hole in them with a chopstick so we could lace them on a string. Mrs. Jennifer showed us one way to make a tooth but Yong Suk quickly came up with a better way that actually looked like teeth!
Yong Suk taught us rolling the dough is the key.

Check out Yong Suk's sharp tooth!

Our class teeth. I would hate to be bitten by a dinosaur with all of these teeth!

With the rest of our salt dough, we used our hands to make a dinosaur footprint. When you keep two fingers together, you can make a three toed dinosaur print like a Miasaura!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Meeting Baby Ethan

With the help of wonderful technology, we got to skype with Sara and meet her new baby brother. We miss Sara and were so excited to get to talk with the whole Price family!

They hatched!

Friday is here and it is time for our eggs to hatch! We have waited long enough. Check out the video for the hatching process. The eggs seem to have come with an egg sac because I couldn't figure out how to get the dinosaur out of the balloon after it popped so we still had to exercize a little bit more patience but it was still fun!

Playdough eggs

While the younger kids were resting one day, Nikita and Molly had the chance to make some play dough dinosaur eggs with real dinosaurs inside! They also made dinosaur tracks and fossil prints in the play dough.

The Ice Age

Some dinosaur bones have been found frozen in ice so we had the chance to free some dinosaurs from the ice. Thanks to Shelby Grace's multiple uses of antibiotics this year, we had the perfect squirt bottles to melt our ice and help the dinosaurs escape.

Seth was the first to free his dinosaur!
The kids have absolutely loved freeing the dinosaurs so we have free them numerous times over the past week. Those poor dinosaurs just can't seem to stay free!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinosaur eggs

Our task for our first week of dinosaurs was to make dinosaur eggs and wait for them to hatch. This project required us to learn abotu patience. We had a lot of waiting to do.
Each child received a balloon with a dinosaur inside. We used paper mache to form our eggs. I was surprised how well the kids did with covering their eggs. Mrs. Bhatta and I helped some but these kids were paper mache machines! Even with the messiness of this project, they were troopers.

Ruthy was a paper mache queen! She did such a good job covering her egg with newspaper.
Then we had to 'wait' for our eggs to dry. Our first lesson on patience.
The next day we painted our eggs. Even though they weren't quite all the way dry because of all the moisture in the air, we went ahead and painted them.

Thanks to the ajushi's cutting the plants outside, we had a perfect nest for our eggs to rest on. The kids wanted to sit on them and cover them with blankets, but I convinced them to not sit on them so they wouldn't break them.

Our mommy and daddy dinosaurs

Once again, we have to wait for our eggs to hatch. Mrs. Jennifer made us wait until Friday!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Monday we learned about the stegasaurus. He has large plates on his back. First we painted our stegasaurus fun dinosaur colors.

After they dried, we add clothespins for their plates on their backs. Great fine motor practice. :)



I personally have been waiting for our dinosaur unit all year. I hope the kids have as much fun as I do with this. Center time has kept us busy. We've pulled out the rubber dinosaurs to play with and Mrs. Jennifer bought us some larger figurines.

We built houses for the dinosaurs.

We've been tracing dinosaurs. Check out that great pencil grip! We are getting good at writing!
We've even stamped dinosaurs.

We played a dinosaur egg hatching game. We had to roll a die, count the dots and then 'hatch' that many eggs on our game board.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We continued learning about measuring by measuring some flowers with a non-standard unit- ladybugs. We had ladybug rulers with small ladybugs and large ladybugs. We talked about if it took more big ladybugs or more little ladybugs to measure the same flower. We were right! It took more little ladybugs!

After we measured the flowers, we got excited about measuring items around the room with our ladybugs.

We went on a search to find objects that were exactly 10 little ladybugs. It was hard to find. We came close many times but...

Ruthy did it! She found a book that was exactly 10 little ladybugs long!

We also had fun using our yard stick from the day before to measure things around the room.