Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Leaf Investigators

After we went on our leaf hunt, we were leaf investigators and use our eyes to spy characteristics of the different kinds of leaves.
Mathias shows us a bunch of little leaves.
Sophia shows us a stem with three leaves. She called it a three leaf clover.
Yong Suk shows us an acorn he found. It was really rough and bumpy.

Sofie shows us a red leaf.
First we sorted our leaves by size- big and small.

The we decided to sort them by colors- red, green, brown, yellow, and many colors.

We also tried sorting them by their shape and putting the ones that looked the same together.
We are awesome investigators! Even Ms. Sligh, the pre-K teacher heard us talking about our leaves in her classroom and came to tell us what a great job we did sorting our leaves!

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