Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrating our Families

Our Family Trees
Made with our handprint underneath

Our circle family faces- check out our new painting technique

Don't forget the faces!

Our family necklaces

Great fine motor work for our fingers

Our family flower garden

The name game

We can find our name when it is written in different fonts.

We can stamp our name.

Check us out writing our name.

Look at my thinking face!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We're getting married!

The kids have enjoyed pretending to get married. They LOVE to go dancing. Some of you may have an empty nest sooner than you think! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Center Fun

Mrs. Jennifer got out some new centers this week to help us with our fine motor skills and name recognition.

We got to hang up t-shirts on a clothing line. We had to squeeze the clothes pins to hang up the t-shirts. The t-shirts also had letters written on it for us to spell our name.

Check out Mathias, he hung his name out to dry!

Lonne (as well as many others) enjoyed scoping jewels into another bowl. We are learning how to grasp a spoon which will help us learn how to grasp a pencil better.

Sofie is very creative in the block center. Check out the castle she built all by herself!
Sara and Sophia are practicing their scissor skills. They are cutting strips of paper into small peices. Of course, they help Mrs. Jennifer our too because we will use the peices for a craft someday!

Goodness- You have you give it away!

For learning about goodness, we made gluten free goodness cookies. As we made the cookies, we talked about who we could give them too. They were not for ourselves. We got to eat one cookie and then the rest of them, we were going to give away. This was hard at first but then we all thought it would be a fun idea.

It almost rained on us but we made it down to the elementary school to give away our goodness cookies. Everyone was so surprised and it was fun to see them smile.

We also had the pleasure of learning that sometimes, when you are good to others then they are good to you. Ms. Bechtold surprised us with a sucker after we gave her a cookie. We decided it was fun to give to others when we got something in return but that it was fun to give even if you didn't get anything back but a smile. They wanted to make cookies for the whole school but we didn't have that many cookies or that much time! What a great idea though!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little ones

Our little ones have been enjoying each day as well. Shelby Grace and France can't always do our big kid craft so they get some time on their own. They love learning to paint.

Our little have a good time with Ms. Kim and Ms. Song. They are all getting adjusted. Check out those sweet faces and smiles :)




Simeon was sleeping during our picture taking. :( We'll get him next time.

Joy, Peace, and Patience

Joy- We have fun together!

We learned how to have joy even when things don't go our way. When we are joyful, we can be kind of 'fruity' so we decorated our Joy picture with Fruit Loops. Of course we got to eat some too. We used our fine motor skills to place the Fruit Loops in each letter.

Peace-We sit and work quietly without loud voices or screaming.

We also learned that peace means we don't worry about things around us and that God promises to take care of us. He promises us that since He takes care of the birds and flowers, he will always take care of us.
We made bird puppets that could hold our lemon and used our fingers to pass the lemon back and forth to each other.

Patience- We wait our turn, raise our hand to speak, and don’t whine.

Patience is a hard one for little ones but I think it is a lesson we all can learn. We talked about taking turns and askign politley for things instead of grabbing toys or crayons from our friends hands. Every day we practice patience as we line up to use the bathroom. The boys have a longer line than the girls but they do a great job being patient.

We made sparkly patient pineapples. This was one of our prettiest crafts.

Mrs. Jennifer got us a real pineapple. We talked about how we have to wait patiently to eat the good part of a pineapple. Lonne found out that it is hard to bite into a pineapple. It's spiky!

We decided that it was much better to wait patiently for Mrs. Jennifer to cut the pineapple. It's much more tasty that way. :)