Saturday, October 23, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference Painting

During Parent Teacher Conferences, we had the joy of staying at school for an extra long day. I decided we needed to do something special to keep us going for the day. The kids had so much fun splatter painting outside that I thought we should try it again. I hung paper on the wall and placed one on the ground. We had 9 different colors to paint with and we had to take turns using different colors. I thought we would only last for about 10 minutes but the kids painted for over 25 minutes easy, some painting for about 45 minutes!!! I never knew had such talented artists. I guess this is something we are going to have to do again.

Lonne is definitely a painter. He went to play for a little while and then came back a second time to make sure all the white spots were filled in.

Check out our masterpeices! They are gorgeous!! We have the bottom one left at the ELC if anyone wants it for their office!

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