Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September pictures

Who's bigger?
I think it's time for a bigger table for snack time!

Mrs. Jennifer had a pregnancy craving for chocolate milk one day so we took a short field trip to the kahgae (convienent store) and Mrs. Jennifer treated us all to chocolate milk. Yum!

In the library, we've had lots of fun getting to use the smart board. Ms. Anderson put up some I Spy pictures for us one day.

We still love playing super heroes!

Even Simeon gets in on the fun!

Ephraim can ride a bike!

The big girls like to help Ephraim along.
Best buds
Check out Yong Suk's car road that he drew all by himself! What a race track!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Chuseok from the ELC

Happy Birthday Esther and Sophia!

Esther turned 1 year old and Sophia turned 4 years old. Happy birthday sweet girls! We are so glad you are part of our ELC.

Ethan goes to high school

The high school psychology class is learning about child development so Ethan was asked to come visit as a live example. He was so good for the high schoolers and displayed all the reflexes they were learning about. He was all smiles too of course.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making Songpyeong

To celebrate Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving, Ms. Kim and Ms. Song helped us make songpyeong, a steamed rice cake with sugar and seasame seeds inside and shaped like a moon to celebtrate the harvest.

Of course our favorite part was eating the sonepyeong!!

Our songpyeong before cooked.
Songpyeong steamed and ready to eat.

Check out our videos of the songpyeong making process!

Thanks Ms. Kim and Ms. Song for teaching us such a fun and yummy Korean tradition!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Writing Practice

One of our centers this week was a pre-writing skills center. We worked on tracing lines to help prepare our fingers for when we have to write a lot more in pre-k and kindergarten.

Check out how hard we are thinking. :)

Yong Suk loved the writing practice so much that he did it 5 times!!! Check out his video.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Working Together

We worked in groups to make apple trees for our apple tree orchard. Four friends worked together to pain a large piece of paper green. We had to sponge paint around the apples already taped to the tree. When our paint was dry, Mrs. Jennifer took off the apples and we had white apples spots left behind. It was so much fun to work together to create one big project.

Apple Fun!

The past couple weeks we have bee learning about apples. We learned that apple blossoms are pink and white and have 5 petals just like the apple has five seed holes!

Lonne and Mathias match up shapes on the apples.

Frances and Shelby Grace make an apple blossom.

Sara and Sophia made worm holes in the apples with hole punchers. (Great fine motor activity and fun too!)

We tore paper and glued it down to make a red apple.

This year we got some cool bio paint that comes with a solution to make goop! We made apple tree colored goop.
We read the story Ten Apples Up on Top and then we made a class book that showed us with apples on our heads. We had to count how many apples we put on our heads to complete the sentence, "Mathias has ____ apples up on top."
Our class book is on our bookshelf. Come look at it anytime! We can read it to you!
We made apple trees with our hands and fingers. We traced our hand and arm for the tree trunk and then sponged green leaves on top. We used our finger prints to make our apples. Some of us put apples in our trees and made some fall down out of the tree.

Look at those 'finger licking good' apples!
Sophia and Sara worked hard coloring their tree trunks!