Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dot the Letter

One of our center activities this week was to Dot the Letter B (since we were learning about bears.) This was the first time that we had done something like this and the kids LOVED it!

The kids worked on this for a long time. Some created patterns on their letters and used a variety of colors.

My favorite part of the activity was when the kids took charge of their own learning and asked for more letters. They first asked for "G" for Goldilocks and then the fun began. I didn't have them all made up so I was sitting at the computer making the activity pages as fast as I could. By the end of the morning, the kids had asked for about 10 different letters. For some of the kids, they were not able to recognize the letters that they were asking for so we had a lot of learning opportunities. My favorite was when they asked for the letter "Q"!!! Go figure! It was so fun to see them so excited about learning the letters in such a fun way.

Can you see the variety of letters on the table? Learning can be messy sometimes :). That's just the way Mrs. Jennifer likes it :).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ki Bi Bo

When we were outside playing the kids wanted to play hide and seek. They couldn't decide who was going to be it so they had the wonderful idea to play Ki, Bi, Bo (paper, rock, scissors) to make the decision for them. I love how they decided on their own, a very fair way to make a decision. What a great thinkers!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears centers

Goldilocks and the three bears have invaded the ELC. We had a wonderful week learning this story. Here are some of our centers for the week.
Sara sorts bears by color.
We can act out the story on the white board. We can tell the story all by ourselves.

The boys play a board game where they have to roll the dice, count spaces and collect food for their bears picnic basket.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bear Graphing

That's right! We are graphing! This was our first graphing experience this year and we did very well. Ms. Jennifer gave us bags of gummy bears and we had to sort the bears by colors on our graph. Most of us could sort the colors all by ourselves and even place them into the boxes on the graph.

We talke about what color bears we had and then we learned the words 'most' and 'least'.
Here Sara is pointing to her gummy bears that she has the MOST of.
Lonne is pointing to the bear color that he has the LEAST of.
After we sorted our bears, we got to eat them one by one but only as we colored a box on our graph. The kids did awesome transferring their concrete graphs to an abstract one on their paper. Sophia and Yong Suk colored their whole graph by themselves and it was exactly like their bear graph.

Shelby Grace and Frances were working on matching the colors of the bears together. We were not quite ready for the graph but we did an excellent job matching the colors.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sofie!

Sofie turned THREE!! She is so special, she got TWO cakes at the ELC.

Happy Birthday Sofie! We are so glad you came to join the ELC this year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara!

Sara turned FOUR!

Sara was so brave and went on stage during chapel all by herself to get her silly bands.

See Mrs. Moni, I'm four years old today.
Happy Birthday sweet Sara! We are so glad you are a part of our class!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lonne's Hair Salon

Welcome to Lonne's Hair Salon where you can get an extra special hairdo for a great low price.
You can get your hair washed in the kitchen sink and your hair cut with a variety of fun pointers. Nothing is too hard for us to create!
Even princesses come from far away lands to get their hair done by the amazing Lonne and his amazing hair cutting skills.
Don't forget his lovely assistant, Sophia. Her head massage is amazing!

Spiders, Spiders Everywhere!

During spider week, we learned that spiders have 8 legs. We got very good at counting to 8. We made spider hats and each spider had to have 8 legs.
We also learned that spiders spin webs so they can catch bugs to eat for their dinner. We made beautiful spider webs one day. This is one of Mrs. Jennifer's favorite crafts.
Mrs. Jennifer drew the web on the black paper with a white crayon and then each child had to use a paintbrush to paint the lines of the web with glue.

After we painted our webs, we had to sprinkle the glitter onto the glue.

Didn't our webs turn out so beautiful?!
Of course, after we made our webs, we had to make spiders to go in them. We used the number 8 as our spider body and glued 8 legs onto our spider.
Mrs. Jennifer added a pipe cleaner handle so we could make our spiders crawl.

We made our spiders crawl all over the room. They even crawled up Mrs. Jennifer's baby belly!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spider Centers

This week we are learning about spooky spiders. We have learned that spiders start with "s." Some of our centers this week were:
Matching colored flies to the colored dots on the spider web
Playing a game with friends. We had to roll the dice and count spaces for our spiders to crawl so they could be the first one to get to the fly in the web. Yong Suk is matching upper case and lower case spiders to the correct web.

Sofie is counting out spiders on a web. She has to match the right number of spiders to the correct web.
Mathias is making a palydoh spider with straws for the legs.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Exploration

At the end of our pumpkin week we had the chance to explore a real pumpkin. First we talked about the outside of the pumpkin. Some words we used to describe the pumpkin were:
  • orange
  • round
  • cold
  • bumpy
  • soft (meaning smooth)
  • hard
Then we cut it open and talked about the inside.
  • orange
  • stringy
  • ooey gooey
  • has seeds in it]
  • smelly

Some brave ones got to help sort the seeds from the pumpkin pulp. Not everyone was so excited about touching the ooey gooey mess.

After removed all the seeds, we toasted them and then of course our favorite part of the process, eat the seeds!