Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinosaur eggs

Our task for our first week of dinosaurs was to make dinosaur eggs and wait for them to hatch. This project required us to learn abotu patience. We had a lot of waiting to do.
Each child received a balloon with a dinosaur inside. We used paper mache to form our eggs. I was surprised how well the kids did with covering their eggs. Mrs. Bhatta and I helped some but these kids were paper mache machines! Even with the messiness of this project, they were troopers.

Ruthy was a paper mache queen! She did such a good job covering her egg with newspaper.
Then we had to 'wait' for our eggs to dry. Our first lesson on patience.
The next day we painted our eggs. Even though they weren't quite all the way dry because of all the moisture in the air, we went ahead and painted them.

Thanks to the ajushi's cutting the plants outside, we had a perfect nest for our eggs to rest on. The kids wanted to sit on them and cover them with blankets, but I convinced them to not sit on them so they wouldn't break them.

Our mommy and daddy dinosaurs

Once again, we have to wait for our eggs to hatch. Mrs. Jennifer made us wait until Friday!

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