Monday, November 8, 2010

Bear Graphing

That's right! We are graphing! This was our first graphing experience this year and we did very well. Ms. Jennifer gave us bags of gummy bears and we had to sort the bears by colors on our graph. Most of us could sort the colors all by ourselves and even place them into the boxes on the graph.

We talke about what color bears we had and then we learned the words 'most' and 'least'.
Here Sara is pointing to her gummy bears that she has the MOST of.
Lonne is pointing to the bear color that he has the LEAST of.
After we sorted our bears, we got to eat them one by one but only as we colored a box on our graph. The kids did awesome transferring their concrete graphs to an abstract one on their paper. Sophia and Yong Suk colored their whole graph by themselves and it was exactly like their bear graph.

Shelby Grace and Frances were working on matching the colors of the bears together. We were not quite ready for the graph but we did an excellent job matching the colors.

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