Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodness- You have you give it away!

For learning about goodness, we made gluten free goodness cookies. As we made the cookies, we talked about who we could give them too. They were not for ourselves. We got to eat one cookie and then the rest of them, we were going to give away. This was hard at first but then we all thought it would be a fun idea.

It almost rained on us but we made it down to the elementary school to give away our goodness cookies. Everyone was so surprised and it was fun to see them smile.

We also had the pleasure of learning that sometimes, when you are good to others then they are good to you. Ms. Bechtold surprised us with a sucker after we gave her a cookie. We decided it was fun to give to others when we got something in return but that it was fun to give even if you didn't get anything back but a smile. They wanted to make cookies for the whole school but we didn't have that many cookies or that much time! What a great idea though!

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